Queensland Local Government Grants Commission


The Federal Government announced that, as part of its budget strategy, there will be a freeze in the Australia-wide funding pool for the Financial Assistance Grant (FAG) program until 2017/18. The freeze applies from 1 July 2014. During this period, the Queensland Local Government Grants Commission will continue to calculate the allocation of funding between Queensland’s 77 Councils.

Note that, as the Commission has received notification of Queensland’s indicative funding pool for 2014/15 from the Commonwealth, it will endeavour to notify councils of their approximate allocations as soon as possible to assist with budget development. When released, councils should note that these estimates are for internal, budgeting purposes only and will not be for public or media release. The final FAG allocations for 2014/15 may vary once the Commonwealth releases Queensland’s final annual grant pool in early July.

Finally, there will NOT be an early payment of the FAGs, as there has been in previous years. The first payment of the FAGs will be in mid-August.

About the Commission

The Queensland Local Government Grants Commission (QLGGC) is an independent statutory body which makes recommendations to the State Government Minister for Local Government on the distribution of the Commonwealth's Financial Assistance Grant to local governing bodies (councils).

These recommendations are based on the requirements of the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995 (Commonwealth) and the national principles prescribed under the Act by the Australian Government Minister.

The Financial Assistance Grant is distributed on the basis of horizontal fiscal equalisation or relative need. That is, local governing bodies receive a grant to assist them to function at the average standard for the state.